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  1. Omron V680S-HMD63-ETN ID Reader issues.

    Done but didn't help.
  2. We use a lot of this  V680S-HMD63-ETN in our process and recently one of the units started taking longer to process its info. We use hundreds and our manufacturing facility has 14 lines and each line has over 20 different processes. So in essence each line mirrors the other. This machine has 8 ID readers/writers separated into 2 with left side processing the product with 4 ID readers/writers and right side with the other 4. The setup is in such a way the 4 identical materials on each side has their ID read at the same time. Currently we are having  time out issues on one machine only because it is taking longer to complete the read/receive function. I have replaced the ETN21 unit, changed the speed setting, replaced the reader and issues still persists. The only thing that helps is slowing down the tact time of the machine. Mind you, the other lines are working ok with same setup. Any ideas on what could be the issues here? Please help.