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  1. P.S. I am trying to do this but so far I only can choose one block, only one block, and I cannot find where I choose which page to send me when I receive signal at this block. What I need is to have 144 blocks that will each send me to individual page (whenever go from 0 to 1) from total 144. If one of these blocks switches from 0 to 1 all others will be 0. Is this possible? I think another way that can do my thing is to hide screen "buttons" with information, the reason I dont wan't to do this is because I need to put many buttons on top of each other. However there are more tutorials in youtube about this another method that I will see now.
  2. This is what I needed exactly. I will set the letter name of my blocks and it should work. Thank you very much! It is even more easy to figure it out with the picture, very helpful.
  3. I need to change the screen when a specific block receive a signal. For example when Q output changes voltage state from 0 to 1 I need to automatically go to another screen. I am very new to the software so detailed explain will be more helpful. Thank you.