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  1. weight batching system

    i have already succeeded to show the reading of the weight indicator on the scada through the plc as you can see in the attached file. i now need to control D405 D406 that a barrel will start to flow material inside the weight scale untill it reaches a spedicfied value .... this value is entered by the operator through the scada the value type is unsigned dec 32 bit becuase i need to control weighs in kilograms and fraction of grams for example :  operator will enter 963.36 in D600 and the barrel should start , the plc should compare the value of (D600) needed by the operator to the change of value by the barrel(D405+D406) and when it reaches the value needed by the operator it should stop. but i had a problem that the value of the weight indicator is sent in ASCII and the value entered by the operator is in unsigned dec 32 bit . so how can i change the ASCII number to unsigned dec 32 bit without changed the value. is there any function that will convert the ASCII numbers into decimal numbers without changing its value ?? as i know that they are not even related  0 in ascii is 48 in decimal 1 in ascii is 49 in decimal . . . 9 in ascii is 57 in decimal . or should i make my own formula to change that ?? the fx3g will do that or no ??  
  2. weight batching system

    Hello everyone, i am making a weight batching system , my system consists of 9 tanks each tank have a specific raw material , the user should be able to add a formula through scada system so he will be able to specify each weight of each ingredient to add to the formula. i have managed a connection between my weight indicator (pt650d) and my plc (fx3g) through fx3g232bd module (RS232 communication) , the weight indicator send data in ASCII to plc that we can show on the scada system .  so how can i change the ASCII numbers that come from the weight indicator to Decimal number without changing the value so i can control a barrel that will add raw material from the tank to the scale untill it reaches what the user specify in the scada ??