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  1. KINCO PLC as MODBUS RTU slave

    Hello to everyone. I hope you are doing well. I'm trying to establish a communication between my PC and my KINCO PLC. The manual states it supports MODBUS RTU protocol, so I downloaded two different Modbus Master simulator I found out: Multiway from OMRON and qModMaster. None of them seem to work properly. I attached some pictures of the messages I get. Multiway message qModMaster message I include the configuration of the communication parameters. PLC parameters Multiway parameters qModMaster parameters According to the manual, in order to play the role of Modbus master with the PLC it's necessary to configure some instruction blocks (I'm programming in ladder). However, I could not find any block to configure as Modbus slave. I don't know what else I can do. I'm in trouble with this task. Am I making some mistake? Thanks for your attention.  Kind regards!
  2. Serial communication with KINCO PLC

    Dear limcm, Thanks for sharing your work. I'll keep it in mind. Kind regards!
  3. Memory registers on KINCO PLC

    Hello to everyone. I hope you are doing well. I have a KINCO PLC HP043-20DT. I'm communicating through free-protocol instructions XMT and RCV. The manual states that memory registers SMB86, SMB186 and SMB286 contain information about the state of the reception instruction. I would like to ask if any of you know of the existence of an analog register but with respect to the transmission instruction, instead of the reception. The manual does not indicate it and I could not find any information online. I've sended an email to the manufacturer but, until now, I have not receive any answer. Otherwise, how could I search for this information? I tried through the manual providede by the manufacturer, but maybe there is other way. I would appreciate any information. Thank you so much. Kind regards.
  4. Serial communication with KINCO PLC

    Dear DanW, Thanks for your response. The purpose of the communication I'm trying to establish is to send data from the PC to the PLC in order to change the value of some variables. The day after I posted, I could established the communication between devices through a so called free-protocol from the programming software of KINCO. I'm still trying to communicate through MODBUS, so I appreciate your comments.  In relation to the hardware bus, I'm converting RS-485 from the PLC to a USB port in the PC. I could verify it works with the free-protocol communication, however, not with MODBUS yet. The fact that it could not run on USB could has something to do. In relation to the protocol, the manual states the PLC could communicate through MODBUS and this free protocol I mentioned above. Finally, I have two software I think could work. On one hand, I have Access Port, which I've already tested with free protocol communication and it worked fine. On the other hand, I have Multiway from OMRON. My local supplier recommended this software to simulate MODBUS communication. Here is where I'm stucked right now. Even though I could communicate with Access Port and the free-protocol, I could not receive responses from the PLC when I send request from the PLC through this MODBUS simulator. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Kind regards!  
  5. Serial communication with KINCO PLC

    Hello to everyone. Nice to meet you all. I am programming a KINCO PLC model HP043-20DT using ladder on KINCO BUILDER. I need to establish a serial communication with my PC. The PLC has a RS485 port which I adapted it to USB to connect with my PC. The PLC allows, at least, two ways to establish serial communication: MODBUS or free-protocol. I've read the software manual and tried to reproduce the examples it provides using the instruction blocks for MODBUS (MBUSR and MBUSW) and free-protocol (XMT and RCV) communications. However, I could not receive the data on the PLC. I could effectively transmit data with XMT from the PLC to the PC and I could verify through a tool called Access Port. In relation to MODBUS, I am using a simulation tool called Multiway from OMRON, however, I get no response from the PLC. If any of you have some experience with this software or this device, I would like to ask you how could I solve the problem. Thank you for your attention. Kind regards.