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  1. Has anyone have any experience getting a Wieland Safety plc (SP-COP1-ENI) communicate with an Omron Plc (NX102) via Ethernet/IP? EDS file installed, connection is set as per the documentation yet  I cannot get it connected.  
  2.   Will try IO_Rack's suggestion and report back.   Thanks  
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I have the feeling that you both talk about a standard project, I am trying to create an IAG. In my understanding there is no option to link to a PLC or map a controller variable or am I missing something? My PLC is actually called "p" for simplicity, what you Crossbow noticed as "nj\" is me trying to find if there is a built in reference in Sysmac to NJ. photovoltaic! Your screenshot shows a standard project with a PLC. An IAG project does not have PLC linked or does it? When I create a standard project I am able to map does variables, no problem, see below:  
  4. Hi everyone, I am in  a need of some guidance. Does anyone know how to refer to a NJ/NX system data type in an IAG project such as an enumeration like:  _eMC_BUFFER_MODE or _sHOMING_REF? I tried copying it from my standard NA projects but throws and error when inserted in to the IAG projects.