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  1. Hello I am not sure if anyone know how to select cable cross section for 5KW AC motor? Thank you
  2. Thank you for your help. I have done exactly same as your description but still have problem to create HMI server???
  3. Hello I choose a 5kw AC Motor , But I do not know how to select a right cable or wire for it?? Thank you
  4. Thanks for your reply. It is Factory Talk View SE (site edition).
  5. I don’t have problem with software because I have got RSLogic 5OOO and 5000 Emulator.  
  6. Thank for your help.  
  7.   I mean practice to program PLC or RSlogic 5000 ,am looking for educational websites or sources.I have been searched but have not found a good one to learn plc program .
  8. I am not sure if anyone know any websites or sources ,to practice and program same as real projects. I have seen many websites but they are not realistic.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Its Factory talk view SE (site edition). I do not  access any physical HMI andd PLC.  
  10. I am using Factory talk view to practice but there is not any physical HMI ,I have been come up with errors.  So,I am not sure to create new HMI server ,it requires physical HMI?? THANKS
  11. Hello I use emulator to test and run my program . Currently ,I am not able to make communication between Rslinx and (RSLOGIC 5000 & Emulator). I configure my drivers from RSLINX but it does not configure from RSLOGIC 5000. I am not sure anyone know how to solve the problem?