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  1. PAC ME - Hardware Configuration Not Equal

    Ok. That is unfortunate. Thanks!
  2. I am experiencing a hardware configuration issue with PAC Machine Edition that I am hoping you guys can help with. New to GE, but I couldn't find any specific information on how to fix this issue in any of the past posts. I am updating logic for a client and having issues with one specific project backup. After restoring a known good backup from the client's other computer (Config EQ, Logic EQ), the project is initially equal, but then config goes NEQ after verifying equality. If I do not verify equality, it will be EQ, but when going to download logic changes, it wants to download hardware configuration changes. I have not changed anything after restoring the backup. I have attempted to restore the backup multiple times with the same result.  I have attached the results of the Verify Equality. Is there a way to get equality without stopping the processor and downloading? Are there some files missing from this computer that just need to be copied over from another computer? Any help is much appreciated.   Compare Before Upload.txt