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  1. Array of bytes to int, basically.. but..

    Its close, but i do actually get 99.500008, i expect to get 99.50/ 99.5 and no more decimals.
  2. Array of bytes to int, basically.. but..

    Thanks. But the rDiv is not 0.01 see this image:
  3. Array of bytes to int, basically.. but..

    I have basically "solved" it like this:   But the EXPT gets something wrong. I am trying to make it so it will divide the number i have by "x 10^-2) with should(?) be 0.01 for the rDive in the lower part in the image, but instead i get some wierd decimals. The rHP should end up be like 94.02 and not 940199.94. Any ideas?  
  4. Array of bytes to int, basically.. but..

    Hi. In these 4 positions of the array, the values are only going to be 0-9, unsigned since they can never go negative (other positions tells if its something like x10^5 or x10^-2)
  5. Hi. When i read from an rs485-module i get a buntch of bytes in to an array where certain position means something, I want to pick pos 11..14 and convert those to a integer. As example, i get "57574848" (shown as decimals in a watch table, hex is: 39 39 30 30). The thing i want, it to turn these bytes into (in this example) 9900 in an integer variable, i have trying a bunch of stuff such as ArytoString, StringToAry and others i cant remember their names of. I have a new array of bytes with only the 4 values i do want, but i cannot figure out how to convert those ary bytes to a number that is usable to be and can be handles like a number for different calculations and stuff.   Any suggestions where to start off with?   The Array: sHPA[0] = 39   (INT: 9) sHPA[1] = 39 sHPA[2] = 30 (INT: 0) sHPA[2] = 30
  6. C# - Compolet missing

    Hi. I learned later that it was not the CX-Gateway that was supposed to be installed, but the separate CX-Compolet cd, then it worked after installing a ton of software including cx gateway :D
  7. NX102 - Read multiple modbus registers?

    I have yet to hear back from their support, but nothing in the manual suggests changing the baud thought. We might add another card to the plc just to speed things up polling the data we need.   EDIT: Just heard back from the manufacturer, the baud rate is fixed on these units and cannot be changed at all.  
  8. NX102 - Read multiple modbus registers?

    According to the manual for the CPT 200, they have a fixed baud rate of 9600.    
  9. C# - Compolet missing

    Hi.  I have the CD with SYSMAC Gateway Runtime V1.6 and installed the full CD. I still cannot add a reference to Omron.Compolet in Visual Studio 2019. And the project i am trying to open, complains about OMRON.Compolet is missing. Any idea whats missing to get the OMRON.Compolet to show up in VS.Net 2019?
  10. NX102 - Read multiple modbus registers?

    Hi They are read by serial, we have 2 communication cards, some devices are modbus, these are modbus-kindish, we have to create a "frame"(?) and send 10 different numbers to read out the data from each device connected, currently there is 18 different calls to read out. The NX-CIF105 is set to 9600 baud, 8 bits, even  parity, 1 bit stop bit, none flow control. During the end of this year we are going to build a 99% similar machine with a few more of these CPT 200s and this will increase the read times a little more. We are using NX_SerialSend/Rcv to request the values.        
  11. Hi. I have this project where we read out data from temp sensors and vaccuum stuff. We use Pfeiffer vaccum cpt 200 for the vaccuum, and we create a frame to send to the modbus unit to pull a value from example '306'. With all the current items we pull data, all the values are only updated every 5 seconds, is there a way to perhaps pull several frame/addresses in one request per device? Current codes we read, some are in sequence of each others, but more has a bit of gap like 00, 02, 306, 307, 398, 330 and so on.