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  1.   Thanks, took an hour or two to re-do all the variables and with the saving, because first save try always popped up the same error message about double variable, and then the second save just after, worked.
  2. Hi. In one of the projects, last time i have opened it, i fixed the 150 or so variable mappings on the hmi and could compile. But after closing sysmac and then later open the same project, almost all variables gets market pink and "Variable mapping" is cleared out. I have re-added the variable mapping several times before, and it seems to vanish between sysmac restarts   Any idea why this happens and how to make it stop? Because re-adding 150 mappings takes forever.   I also get this when i re-adding  
  3. Sysmac TON Reset

    This is how i made a timer so re-triggers every second.    
  4. Ah ok. The few Analog cards i have worked with previously only outputed the actual mA value, i did check around the settings for this card but didnt see any reference for the 8000 in there that could give a clue. Then the code makes sense now that i know the card outputs 0-8000 from the 4-20mA input.
  5. Hi, im currently re-doing a previous employees code, and cannot ask him specifically. The flow meter sents 4-20mA depending on 0-120 litres per minute the sensor say. In the omron code he first scales the mA value with 0-8000 (X0 = 0, X1 = 8000). Then he takes this output and scales the 0-20mA to 0-PreviousScaleValue on X0-X1. Any ideas why he used 8000 and not just the 4-20mA / 0-120 lpm?    
  6. NA5 Compile error

    The problem was a simple little dot in the variable name. Took "forever" to find.
  7. NA5 Compile error

    Hi, i added a few bool tags in the panel and connected them to the plc. Now when i compile the panel i get these wierd errors in the output window:   I have tried to restart sysmac to see if it just was a temp error, but it still comes back. Afaik, i have not added any symbols between the working compile and the current one, only added the variable to a button with a SetVariable And added 2 other real variables to 2 DataDisplay:s.   Any ideas what is actually wrong here?
  8. TON.ET To any other format?

    Thanks. I was trying with both label and datetime components and forgot about the data display.
  9. Hi. I have been thru the F1 manual and the toolbox in sysmac, i cannot figure out how to convert the elapset time from a TON, to anything the NA5 panel wants to display. Any suggestion? (Want to show how long a certain step has run for)
  10. Get full date & time into the plc?

    Thanks, never looked into global events, and have been looking for a timer somewhere in the controls / toolbox. The PLC iirc ONLY have the time, but i need even date because there are some processes that can take a full day to complete.
  11. Hi. I want to get the full date and time into the plc, where i want to calculate when current step and full sequence is expected to finish and then later present it back on the screen. I tried to map the _HMI_DateTime to the controller, but it does not get added to the controller.
  12. EtherCat Fault when..

    Hi. The air valve uses auto numbering by default, but then you can force the number via sysmac studio, which it accepts. If its all alone on the ethercat network in sysmac config, it works, but if we add devices and disable those, and only keep the air valve enabled, it does not work at all, no matter which node # you give it. We noticed last thursday, that if we connect one of the other disabled items to the ethercat cables, THEN the valve works (as alone enabled).. We have tried using several node # for the air valve, and it doesnt matter.
  13. Hi. I have this project with NJ501-1300, in the ethercat settings we add a air valve called EX260-SEC1. When this unit is alone in the ethercat settings, it works without a problem, as expected. But when we add the servos that goes into the machine (ED1F CoE Drive (HiWin)) (Or Ezi-Servo2 ALL), then the air valve goes into error, even if the other ethercat devices are disabled.   We have tried both sysmac 1.45 and 1.47, the plc has 1.43 firmware. We have tried to create a new emptyh project and using different computers, the same error pops up when anything else than the air valve are added to the ethercat config. Any idea how to solve this?
  14. I have a similar function based on that code. This reads from a array in the plc   Sub AddFromPLC() Do Until bHMI_UpdateEdit = False Loop Dim sPLC(99) As Object 'sPLC = zHMI_DesignRecipes.DesignName Dim i As Integer = 0 Dim l As Integer = 0 Dim iCount As Integer = 0 For i = 0 To 99 sPLC(i) = zHMI_DesignRecipes.DesignName(i) ' + " " + (i+1).ToString Next DropDown1.SetItems(sPLC) End Sub Sub UpdateIndexInfo() Dim sValue As String = "" sValue = DropDown1.SelectedIndex bHMI_UpdateEdit = True Label2.Text = sValue bHMI_DesignEditIndex =sValue End Sub  
  15. Hi, 4 years later. Is it possible to have this multi dimensional? The combodrop list has a text and a value column when you enter it manually, is it possible programmatically add both those this way?