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  1. 2 PLC with 1 HMI

    I see, is it possible sir to using rs422 same way like ethernet connection
  2. 2 PLC with 1 HMI

    yes Mr @Gambit i am adding fx3u 16mt and gs2107-wtbd
  3. 2 PLC with 1 HMI

    Hello, I am going to be adding plc on press welding machine. the machine has PLC FX3U-16M and attached with 15 16points I/O module. is there any best way to connect 1 HMI with both 2 PLC ? 
  4. How to check for spare point from PLC program?

    if u are using gxworks2 , try this Device List feature. 
  5. How can i limit MRJ4 servo load?

    Hello, I am beginner at servo and its driver. i am using MRJ4A driver and HG SR102 servo motor. i want to make my servo stop or alarm when the load is over the maximum load that i set by my self. what parameter should i set to limiting servo load even if the servo motor strength enough to lift the load.?  
  6. QD77GF Error D304

    @GreenMan thanks for the information, i will try it 
  7. QD77GF Error D304

    Hi. I am using PLC Q06UDV wit QD77GF to operate 11 servos, it is my first time using QD77GF and CC-Link IE Field. I've done the parameter setting. but the qd77gf error lamp started to blinking. i try to check it in cc link ie field diagnostic and didn't find anything except the error lamp blinking in monitor view. then i checked system diagnostic , no error showing up but, only historical error when i started the power of plc. it show D304 error.  in manual book the solution are lengthen the operation cycle qd77gf, check the cable, and shorten plc scan time. where can i find this setting sir?  
  8. How can I make "0009" character in PLC Mitsubishi ?

    I am using Q series PLC.  let me explain, I would like to shift data from d314 to d317 only 8 bit.  Device   / value    >>>>>>   Device / value d314         1                        d314         d315         00                      d315        10 d316         00                      d316         00 d317         9                        d317         09
  9. I would like to send ascii data  to other devices using RS232 interface. and the example format is "0009" (it is product counter machine marking). how can I do this? I am using q03ude, I usually convert 1001 to ascii using BINDA and use the last data (01). but, when it double word data e.g. : 100009 the last data is 9 and null, not 09 
  10. How to move 8 bit only in data memory D ?

    Thanks for the answers guys, case closed. I am using $+ to combine data and it is work for me.  
  11. How to move 8 bit only in data memory D ?

    @Wasan I didn't find SMOV instruction, I use Q01UD PLC.  So i use serial to communicate with some devices. the device can't accept null data (which is one ASCII Character 8 bits data) in the middle or front in the row data of the  device format requested. null data must be behind CR in order to be read by the device.  how can i move the data 8 bits forward ?  
  12. Can someone help me how to transfer D memory in gx works 2 but only 8 bit (Mitsubishi D memory is 16 bit cmiiw) ?
  13. Gxworks installtion error cde

    @Bravothe final solution is reinstalling the final solution is reinstalling the windows, it works 
  14. Gxworks installtion error cde

    my laptop is windows 10 pro 64 bit. when im trying to install it show (gx works 2 installation unable to read file which are necessary for installation please check if the installation media is not corrupt). anyone have solved this problem ?