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  1. Firmware Update

    OK, I think I got what I needed. The main issue is that my Studio version did not have 20.014 and that is what I needed to download. I went to this address and clicked on the download by serial number, after entering the information I was able to select the version 20.050 to download. Sorry for the confusion I might have caused. Thanks again for your help. Regards,  
  2. Firmware Update

    I had this issue with another controller at our project and was able to download version 24.014 and know I am able to connect to the controller on another PLC we have. I just cannot remember how I did it last time. I know once I downloaded it I had to extract the file and click the excite file and now I have that version in Studio 5000. I am just confused now. Thanks for your help with this issue. 
  3. Firmware Update

    I downloaded version 20.014. I do not want to flash the PLC as I need to get the program from it first. I need to get my Studio 5000 to read version 20.014
  4. I am looking help with an issue I have trying to connect to a 5370 Controller 1769-L33ER. The controller firmware is 20.014 and my studio does not have 20.014 firmware. I have downloaded the firmware and do not know how to get it extracted to my PC. Any help with this will be grateful.  Regards