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  1. L18er embedded i/o not responding

    Hello, i need your help, i have a problem with my compactlogix 1796-l18er-bb1b plc with module 1734-ib8 24v dc sink in, 1734-vtm, and 1734-ctm. So first, We are doing some testing, so we need to turn off our machine, but when we turn on it again, the plc is not working properly. The ok, link, and run indicator is solid green, but the i/o led indicator is off, and all of digital input or output indicator is off too. Even when we give 24 v to the input, is not responding. So, we check the output voltage it's only 8.66 volt. Then we checked with software studio5000 there's is a problem with embedded i/o module and the ib8 module, the fault say "connection timed out". And because of that we can't reset the module. So, my question is there a problem with the plc electric circuit that's make the embedded i/o not working or there's some safety features that I don't know thats make the embedded i/o not responding. And why the output voltage is 8.66 volt. I really appreciate all your help and thankful for every answer. I also attached some photos of the studio5000 and rslinx