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  1. Powerflex 700s data

    Hello, yes that's exactly what i want.  Thanks in advance 
  2. Powerflex 700s data

    Thanks for your attention . I have this memory, can I download the project without using any program? I am new to dealing with this type.. But I've been in the same situation before and that's what I did : ( I took out the card and reinserted it into DriveLogix . I put the switch in program mode. I turned the machine off and back on, and the program appears on the screen. But it didn't work for me this time
  3. Powerflex 700s data

    Hello' .  need a help please.  how can inject the file from compact flash to powerflex 700s?
  4. Powerflex 700s data

    Hello' .  need a help please.  how can injection the file from compact flash to powerflex 700s?
  5. Powerflex 700s

    Hello help me please  , How do I copy the program from compactflash to powerflex 700s ?  I lost   setting when i switched The device to Factory setting .
  6. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    Hello every one , everything is ok now no alarm.  but when i press the start button in the panel the drive does not start .  I took the information from another machine and applied them. even data type parameters 626.. 627..) Can I really copy the same settings؟؟ ،even the paramet type (626 to drivelogix data type ) thanks in advance   
  7. Powerflex 700s

    Ook i will chek this out . Thank you 👍
  8. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    No. Him flashing yellow whiteout alarm or fault .the  Alarm is showing on the screen of the machine .
  9. Powerflex 700s

    Can you give me more details please ? Device like what ? 
  10. Powerflex 700s

     “DL I/O Alarm” - One or more devices in the I/O configuration of the controller are not responding    What does the alarm mean ?
  11. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    Fallada eix arrastre
  12. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    Even when i use dig input 6 the problem still.  And  local i/o status shows that's input 6 is false . Reverse if i use others input  status  shows input as it's true . If i use pins of enable jumper (1.3)(no hardware enable)  drive flashing green  . That's mean it's ok
  13. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    PowerFlex 700S High Performance AC Drive - Phase II Control . When we change the pins of the jumper from (2.4) to (1.3 ) drive state is ok but the alarm still in the screen of the machine i dont know how?     
  14. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    Yes . and when we put jumper in another side (pins 1 and 3) ,the drive sts flashing green and that's ok  . But rslogix wouldn't reset the alarm from screen of the machine