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  1. GX WORKS 2 with MX component

    I'm trying to simulate the proface HMI and my ladder program using the MX component " communication setup utility". I followed all the steps on a tutorial vid however an error pops'up (check the attached file). i was wondering if you can help. Thanks in advance.
  2. FX2N HELP!!!

    Thank you so much <3 i appreciate your help
  3. FX2N HELP!!!

    Hi Inntele!! thanks for answering  that was helpful.  I have another question the battery life is up to 5 years as i know, it is reduced to 3 years with memory cassettes consumption though.  my question is: if i have the ladder program in the EEPROM extension, do i risk to lose it if i change the battery in more than 20 secondes or the EEPROM saves the program always
  4. FX2N HELP!!!

    Hi!! i was wondering if you could help.  I'm currently working on my final year's project, in which i have to recreate a backup file of a LADDER program so i can transfer it later after i add the EEPROM extension.  if i transfer from my computer to the FX2N-32MR the ladder program, does it get saved in the EEPROM or RAM?