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  1. Hello dear PLC gurus :), i seem to have a bit odd one problem, i created a function block to manage conveyors. In this function i can set (by input) memory bit MT_1 (Memory transfer 1) of In/out data. Which is used as value transfer (telling me something should be in motion). This memory bit can reset by another input. Problem is that when in one cycle after i set this memory bit. In another cycle MT_1 is reset. There is no way a reset that bit with my input to reset it. I am thinking that maybe function hold value from previous cycle and somehow rewrites already set value. I made changes so the program is more "robust", and because i dont have reason to be input variables, which are used to set or reset MT_1 to be just pulses. i made them last for multiple cycles. But i worry about what this problem can cause in other seemingly alright working parts of my program. Nowhere else i write to this bit MT_1 or operate with data space which is assigned to this bit. Did someone have a similar problem?
  2. GX Works 2 + FX3U array of sdt & fb in another fb

    So apparently, gx works 2 cannot handle an instance of array as an input to function block.
  3. GX Works 2 + FX3U array of sdt & fb in another fb

    no, the variable is only used as read. But i might delete array of sdt and replace it with several sdts. Because i do not have good experience with arrays and gx works 2. :D and those two for loops i will just rewrite manually as the array itself is not that big, only twenty elements. or i will use of index registers.
  4. GX Works 2 + FX3U array of sdt & fb in another fb

    Hello again, so as in/out i use db_MVT[2] (it is 32 bit) cyan blue in first picture, and variable HS_L of db_mvt[2] is currently logic 1. But in function block it does not reflect. As when i monitor fb with correct insatance it shows logic 0.
  5. Hello everybody, i have some uncertainties going through my head. i am fairly new in PLC word, graduated last year, last 12 month i did project on Siemens PLCs, but now i have to expand my view with Mitsubishi. 1. i am working on project with several conveyors. for each conveyor type i have FB fairly similar to my FB in siemens. For all conveyor i am using same sdt containing 32 bits. So a have array[0..20]  of said sdt. But in fb i was not able to copy item from array, through input var containing index of that item to vocal variable, which i wanted to write back to the array at the end of fb. I tried different approach ->  using item from array *** input/output.  When monitoring item from array i can see, that variables i change in got2000 panel are in fact changing. But when i monitor fb itself, those same variables are not changing. i reworked this fb several times, for example when i found out that FB variables FB FXcpu cannot be set as retain so i would like to use it and i see no other way than make this fb work. :D 2. Is there possibility to us FB in another FB? I remember that i read some restriction about this, but now, i cannot find it. Thank you everybody for your responses