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  1. Hello All, I am running Citect SCADA 2018 R2 and trying to connect to a AB ControlLogix L81E. I have configured the board, port and IO device according to the Citect help function and cannot seem to get citect to communicate with the PLC. I can ping the ethernet card from my computer and have configured it such that it points to CPU is in slot 0. I have tried updating to the latest driver and that has not fixed the issue either. We are routing through a Siemens RuggedCom RSG2100 switch but as stated before I can ping so I don't believe that is an issue. Is there extra configuration needed because I am routing through a switch? Could it be that there is extra configuration needed on top of the latest driver install? Everytime I run up the runtime i get the #COM error seen in the attached images. Anything you you guys can think of would be greatly appreciated. Thank you