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  1. NX1P2-1040DT1, Modbus RTU on CIF-105

    They mention the two outer wires/pins as A+ signal and B- Signal, and the CIF has a- and B- signals, is this normal? I am currently using the two wire configuration with termination. I have termination in both ends and i am wondering if this is necessary..  The link i provided is a unitronics modbus manual  
  2. NX1P2-1040DT1, Modbus RTU on CIF-105

    I cant Upload any files or screenshots to my post for some reason, and i am not sure if i am allowed to post links, but the unitronics has a 6pin Rj11 Plug, and as i understand the two outer wires are A+ signal and B- signal, And when i connect the wires to the CIF-105 there is no lights blinking on the Send data or recieve data ports (using two wire configuration). I think the problem is in the cable, because i belive that i have configured both my programs (unitronics and Omron side) correctly. Configured with the same stop bit, Parity, Baud rate and Bit length. 
  3. I am currently trying to connect my OMRON NX1P2 1040DT1 (Using CIF-105) to my Unitronics V570 PLC, With my OMRON PLC as Master. It seems as if Unitonics Rs485 only wants a six-wire connection type but my OMRON PLC wants a 2-wire or 4-wire connection, Wondering if anyone has a solution to my problem and can assist me.