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  1. Hello Friends,This video guide you about the programming of Schneider Altivar 312 VFD using SoMove software. From this video you can learn about1. Using SoMove software to program the Altivar 312 series VFD.2. To control the induction motor using control terminals of ATV312.3. To control the induction motor using the SoMove software control panel.4. To monitor the status of motor speed and thermal state on SoMove software.5. To export the graph of parameters recorded using SoMove software. support my channel by LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to continue these tutorial.ThanksSana ur Rahman
  2. Dear Friends, I have made this video to show you how to take data samples from Delta DVP PLC and save this log file in the Weintek HMI internal memory. The Weintek HMI internal memory is easily accessible using ftp. All the necessary steps are mentioned in the video. The link of the video is given below,    
  3. Dear Friends, I am uploading this video to share about the programming of Delta DVP series PLC for temperature control application. In this video, you can upload and download the program to and from the PC, interface all type of thermocouple by changing the values in the control words, create set point and perform cooling or heating function as you want and set the offset value for individual sensor.
  4. Dear Friends,I made this video to share the technical information about how we can vary the speed of the motor using Analog input of Variable Frequency drive (VFD). Furthermore, i also found that the VFD can also be used as a signal converter to convert 4-20mA signal to 0-10V and vice versa. These conversion of signal is required many times in the industry when we want to install the alternate sensor on temporary basis. The scaling of the signal is also described in this video. Please watch, like and subscribe if you find this video as informative.