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  1. Micro 810 DO Fault

    1. It the 2080-LC10-12QWB  2. Yes they are the internal relays on the PLC    3. I am measuring across the neutral and positive side.    4. I am measuring voltage into the PLC  so I know the meter works and I have power at the PLC. This also lets me know I am within range on the meter as well. Then I measure for power at the PLC itself then I measure at the contactor it is wired to.  If I could flow chart my troubleshooting I would. I tested that I have power and a good neutral going to the PLC. Additionally, the PLC is on so it is receiving the correct voltage. I am ruling out a software issue because I hear the relays closing. Additionally, I am setting a value in the global variable so this should rule out any quirk in the ladder programming. Unless there is something that I am missing in the initial setup. Then I am measuring the output side of the PLC where I should get a voltage. I am measuring across positive and neutral and the contactor as a double check to verify I am indeed not getting voltage. The only thing I can think of is there is some type of internal fusing that was shorted. This was acquired from eBay so it could be a possibility. Thus not allowing voltage to flow through the closed relays.  I wanted to also double-check with someone that knows more than I about PLC's to see if I am missing some type of setup in Connected Components Workbench or something that might be more obvious to a seasoned pro.    
  2. Micro 810 DO Fault

    Hello,   I am new here please let me know if there is a problem with this post. I bought an 810 and wired it up and wanted to check its function. I toggled the logic value. I hear the contractors close although when I read voltage I do not get 24v out. I have been looking all over the place and can't come up with a reason why I wouldn't see 24v on the DO   Ryan