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  1. Has anyone found a way to put the UserAlarmViewer messages into a Label? I use 3 different alarm levels and would like to have a single line alarm banner. In NJ, I use an Array of Bool for triggers. In Siemens, I made a message banner that cycles through each message every 3 seconds from a text file and displays the string in a label. Logic is much different in Omron so rewriting is not possible, nor does Omron use VBA.
  2. DWord to Data Types

    I ended up going this route. Thanks guys. Guess I have found the difference between platforms. Siemens and Rockwell is real simple to achieve this. Wish at least there was a way to write comments in the union array bools.
  3. DWord to Data Types

    Union is only allowed 4 elements. There are 32 bools as I mentioned above. Will have to do it the old fashion way I guess which I find elementary. Cannot believe there is no way to write a double word to a tag that has a UDT data type.  I see the instruction for NumToEnum, but the double word value will equal to one value of the enumerated type. Looking to have individual bits to be True based on the value of the double word binary value.
  4. DWord to Data Types

    Maybe better example of what I am trying to do. Input of the function block is iConfig that is DWORD data type. Input value is DWORD#F for iConfig. Then in Data Types I made a Structure named UDT_Config that has 32 bools, each has a name and comment and in the Internals of the functions block interface I have created a tag named Configuration with UDT_Config as data type. I need the iConfig DWord value of F to move to the Configuration tag to enable the first 4 bits of the Internal tag. DWORD#F = 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 1111 Configuration =  UDT_Configuration             STRUCT                User Tag_01    BOOL   True          Tag_02    BOOL   True   Tag_03    BOOL   True          Tag_04    BOOL   True         Tag_05    BOOL   False       Tag_06    BOOL   False        Tag_07    BOOL   False Tag_08    BOOL   False          Tag_09    BOOL   False       Tag_10    BOOL   False       Tag_11    BOOL   False          Tag_12    BOOL   False         Tag_13    BOOL   False     Tag_14    BOOL   False     Tag_15    BOOL   False       Tag_16    BOOL   False         Tag_17    BOOL   False          Tag_18    BOOL   False         Tag_19    BOOL   False        Tag_20    BOOL   False          Tag_21    BOOL   False          Tag_22    BOOL   False        Tag_23    BOOL   False          Tag_24    BOOL   False        Tag_25    BOOL   False       Tag_26    BOOL   False      Tag_27    BOOL   False      Tag_28    BOOL   False      Tag_29    BOOL   False         Tag_30    BOOL   False        Tag_31    BOOL   False         Tag_32    BOOL   False         
  5. DWord to Data Types

    Hello everyone, In Siemens and Rockwell I am used to transferring a double word to a tag that has a UDT data type of 32 bools. Which the binary bits (31..0) of the double word would align with the bits in a UDT data type of bool. If it was in a function block in Siemens I would call the double word address and move it to Area Register Address and transfer data to a tag of udt data type internal of the function block or could call a Move Block as well which will byte swap the bits but can be fixed with an STL call instruction (CAW). Since I am new to Sysmac Studio, how would I be able to do this? Looking at every Data Movement and Data Type Conversion functions all want a form of an array or elementary type, some wanting source and destination to be the same type. Any ideas?