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  1. NB-designer V1000

    Hello. Can someone help with an example program in the nb-designer application for communication with drive v1000 yaskawa after modbus RTU (rs422). It was very important to me that the reference speeds were shown in this example (d1-01; d1-03) could also be acc - dec (c1-01; c1-02) Of course, I have the NB7W panel and the multi drive v1000 yaskawa
  2. Effectiview ev058 software

    Ok. Find aplication in  ev-designer-pm-v1-2-14  Pleas close 
  3. Effectiview ev058 software

    Hello I thing need evdesigner
  4. Effectiview ev058 software

    Hello. I would like to know what software can be programmed with effectiview ev058-TST-2A and if you have any links to download this software. I can't find any information. I know the panel is an older version. He has been working in the factory for 10 years. I didn't see any information on the producer's website

        Fixing the F3 error helped.  Best regards

      Hello. I have two machines where I would like to download data using the FINS / UDP protocol. I have a problem with the driver configuration. On both machines the driver for: CJ2M-CPU33. I am using an application written in PYTHON. Everything is fine on the first driver. When I try to analyze DM1 data it gets a good value. When I download DM2500 it also gets good value. But I have problems with that on the 2nd driver. It does not get the correct data. Communication doesn't crash error but the data is incorrect. Do I still need a setting in the download tools? The difference in the CJ2M-EIP21 settings is only the Address in the TCP / IP card. Working on, not working properly on Apart from the fact that the F3 error came out, it worked and with problems. Both machines are from the same manufacturer (Italian). Can you advise something?