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  1. You’re the man, I works now. It works with Strign_Trial.ACD and String_Read_Write.xls, so now my question I want to make my own file with it’s own name work. What needs to ne renamed in the macro in order to make it work?
  2. My apologies, the problem is anytime I write details I get an error and doesn't submit. 1.Downloaded the PLC file ( Strign_Trial.ACD ) into the L73. 2.Opened both by just double clicking on them. And hit write the tag PB in both. I have Office 2010 installed. Does that matter? Yes, message popped up and I said yes. 3.Yes, even prior to that I started my RSlinx. 4.“VBA code is documented” just opened the macro and went through that. Is that what it meant? also Have RS linx classic installed. 5.MSG_Tag[4]   Faultmessage1, MSG_Tag[5]   Faultmessage2 6. I think this is my problem, how should I do that? 7. I clicked on write the message PB and was expecting the messages to be written in the PLC. The dialog box opened up and gave me the successful message, but didn’t see the fault being copied from excel into the PLC. I went through the code, but didn’t see anything to be in a wrong order.
  3. Unfortunately anytime I copy a link in my message, it won't let me send it and gives me an error. And yes, that's the link. how can I make it work? I downloaded into the PLC, open the excel  and added couple of messages and hit write, but nothing changed.  
  4. I downloaded your String_trial from the download folder and got access to the plc, but can't make it work. Can you give me some directions please?
  5. I pretty much tried all kinds of combinations, but didn’t find it 
  6. Unfortunately I am not familiar with those.I am usually using mouse recorder to be able to do this task in auto, but the problem was I couldn’t find a shortcut on the keyboard to open the string box instead of mouse click to paste my text... do you know that by any chance?
  7. To tell you the truth I did this at the past and didn't do well, that's why I am trying to find a better way...  
  8. The problem with this method is that you need to count the characters in each fault and enter the number.....
  9. Can Anyone tell me what is the shortcut on the keyboard to open the string box to enter the text instead of mouse click? RSlogix 5000 PLC.
  10.   Unfortunately I can't share the files due to an error from the forum. There are 3 tags (Fault_Banner_1, Fault_Banner_2, Fault_Banner_3) with array of 500. There is excel sheet with 3 tabs, each tab contain 500 faults. Need to copy each tab's faults into each tag. ( Each fault will be copied into each string) I will upload if the fault goes away, if not then please advise based on what I just explained above. Cheers,
  11. When I try to upload my files it gives me an error? my file is below 2 MB???    
  12. I am lost, is there any macro to do that? can you walk me through it?
  13. I think the method I found works only with a live PLC. how about without PLC and offline?
  14. Is there an easy way to copy an Excel table into a string array in RSLogix? instead of doing it one by one?