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  1. Micrologix 1200

    I am trying to backup a program on a Micrologix 1200 PLC, without any success. I am using RSlogix 500 software and serial connection. I have configured the driver in RS lynx to DF1, but when I click on auto configure, it fails. Also I cannot see it when I browse.The plc is connected to an HMI , and I have noticed there is a button on the front, just below the comms port. Does anyone know what this button is for, its identified as comm. I have heard that when the button is pressed it toggles between default protocol and the protocol that the HMI requires. Can anyone confirm this.       
  2. Micrologix 1200

    I have tried to communicate via USB to serial but to no avail. It looks like I am just going to have to bite the bullet and try it
  3. Micrologix 1200

    I have the manual and have read chapter 4 previously. I just wanted clarification of what I think the button is for. Just to be clear if I press the button , then I should be able to communicate with the PLC, and then when I press it again it will then go back to the configuration of the HMI.