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  1. Passwords in Runtime

    Hi Joe Thanks very much for answering my question. Yes its a PC based touch screen. I was unsure if it was the touch screen for a while until I plugged in an additional keyboard but it may have been too late by then. It would be WinCC comfort in the TIA portal. When I use the portal to load up the project file it doesn't see it. I know I'm in the right place as this is where the autoloader is directed. So I thought it was just because I had a run time licence. I was hopeful even with a runtime licence I could reset the passwords. Unfortunately I don't have a licence to redownload the program as we only can look at PLCs (contractors installed this device). There must be a way around this as our last Engineer changed the passwords (unfortunately he has moved on). Is it possible to just change the password file? Kind Regards
  2. Passwords in Runtime

    Hi I'm looking for a little bit of help. I have a WinCC HMI which will not let me log on with one of the passwords. The general logon and admin both work fine. The Engineer password doesn't work (no display at the top of the screen where the other user names are displayed). There is no warning that the password is in correct or the account locked out (missed in the original programing I think). I have all the project files however I'm using a runtime licence. I would like to log in as admin open the project and clear the password lockout. The issue I have is that I have to use TIA portal and it will not show the project file, is this due to the fact that I have a runtime licence. Is there another way to see if the user name is locked and removed. Like I said I have the admin password which works.   Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Kind Regards