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  1. RSLogix 5 Upload Error

    Hi Guys, Anyone experience the same error when trying to upload from PLC5/30? Appreciate sharing the solution. Thanks.
  2. Logging of Production Data and Alarms

    can consider log data into CF Card and access remotely via FTP at zero cost.
  3. File Name: Calendar Calculation File Submitter: aboon78 File Submitted: 10 Jan 2009 File Category: PLC Sample Code FB will output time different in btw system date/time [PLC] and input date/time [external]. Different time range from 0~9959 minutes. 9960~9999 is allocated for error code. Click here to download this file
  4. Calendar Calculation



    FB will output time different in btw system date/time [PLC] and input date/time [external]. Different time range from 0~9959 minutes. 9960~9999 is allocated for error code.
  5. ETN21 Auto Clock Adjustment

    Exactly this is the setting. Just reliase Windows Time service via NTP always provide GMT time. Thank you very much.
  6. ETN21 Auto Clock Adjustment

    Hi, I have setup a PC with fixed IP as SNTP server for several Omron CJ1M-CPU12 + ETN21 network module. Windows Time service is activated and PLC clock receive time from the PC when reach auto adjust time. The problem I have now is the clock PLC recevie is always GMT. My PC time zone is GMT+8. Anyone knows how to tackle this problem? Thanks.
  7. Q06HCPU FWRITE - CF Card

    Hi, Is it possible to use commercial available CF Card say 1GB in Q06HCPU memory slot and use FWRITE to store data? I read the spec sheet of the Q-series CPU but only mention on the 32MB memory card from Mitsubishi. If can't, I'm thinking to log the data in GOT (HMI) via serial port. Anyone experience to log data with GOT in commercial avaialble CF Card (1GB or 2GB)? Appreciate for sharing your thought and experience. Thanks.
  8. DDE Manager

    After surfing few days, finally understand that it's mostly due to the excel DDE functions itself that expect to receive tab delimited. http://www.taltech.com/support/dde_sw/ddeexcel505.htm
  9. DDE Manager

    Hi, I use DDEInitiate & DDERequest to obtain data from OMRON CJ1M PLC. DDE Manager Version This is the code in Excel VBA: ChannelNumber = Application.DDEInitiate(app:="CDMDDE", topic:="C:\OMRON\Test.cdm") ReturnArray = Application.DDERequest(ChannelNumber, "SS001_TagImage1-1") Application.Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1") = ReturnArray Point D4000_001 added in Test.cdm with 64 elements. I want to read 127 words starting from D4000. First, I get the data in array - this what I expect. After a few try, the data is in string. Do you guys know what's going wrong here? Thanks.
  10. CX-Server

    Actually my plan is to write 254 (D4000-D4126 & D4200-D4326) words of 24 CJ1M PLCs (127 x 2 x 24) into a date stamp text commma deliminated file by using CX-Server DDE Manager & excel VBA. Stuck at the DDE settings whereby not all the data can be shown on the DDE link in the cells and sometimes get no response (have to end task). Notice there is "elements" setting in point config. Is this work by config. point D4000 with 127 elements; but how to link and display on excel? Appreciate if example can be attached.
  11. CX-Server

    Hi, Appreciate if someone can post the operating manual for CX-Server version Is there any max. point? Thanks.
  12. Q-Series Multi User Access

    Hi, How to configure QJ71E71-100 to accept multi access at a time? Say, I have MX-Sheet running to collect data and at the same time I'd like to online edit the PLC with GX-Developer via network. I try to set Open Settings with 3 TCP protocol with MELSOFT connection method. It works but the connection break intermittently. Thanks.
  13. CJ1 CPU12 ?

    Hi All, Thanks for you guys' input. Actually this data comes from the V600 RFID data carrier. It's programmed to store 95, 65, 54 in a specific address. In the above case, the data carrier of the pallet should be 95. I checked the data carrier of the pallet when this happened, it's confirmed 95. So, possibility 96 come from data source is eliminated. Next possibility is D121 is overwritten somewhere else, but I couldn't find out D121 is used in other area within the program. That's why I called it strange. May be I am wrong, may look into the code again when free.
  14. CJ1 CPU12 ?

    No elsewhere. I wrote the program in a state sequence way and it works for last few months. And 96 is not within the range data of D5006 that it's defiened.