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  1. Q03UDVCPU Modbus Setup

    okay, let say i have 2 robots with 2 controller, and 1 plc, can my plc do open connection to both robots at the same time using SP_SOCOPEN ? or i have to close connetion to first robot, then open connection to second robot?
  2. Q03UDVCPU Modbus Setup

     already got updated data from station, anyway, if i have 2 stations can i run SP_SOCOPEN twice? to staion A and Staion B at the same time?
  3. Q03UDVCPU Modbus Setup

    PLC already can read the coil from simulator, problem was coil number between PLC and simulator is different, after we run SP_ECPRTCL, is PLC suppose to keep refreshing/update coil value? or i need to run SP_ECPRTCL again to updated coil value?  
  4. Q03UDVCPU Modbus Setup

    I already read the manual, and tried the guide. so far i could open connection with the device ("modbus slave" program). but still cant read coil address from PLC i tried to run SP_SOCOPEN, I saw under "Ethernet diagnostic>Status of each Connection", my connection is shown, with TCP Status "Connecting" and there is no error under "Error History" when i run SP_ECPRTCL. But the connection is not last very long, is this due to error or some connection problem?
  5. Q03UDVCPU Modbus Setup

    Hi Guys, I need help to set up modbus tcp/ip parameter for Q03UDVCPU, i want to use the predifined protocol and built in ethernet port. do you guys have some usefull references how to setup modbus tcp/ip, or is there any example program from mitsubishi? Thanks