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  1. Can't comm Plc and hmi

    I have a Omron PLC: CP1H-X40DT-D  on Port1 I have a CP1W-CIF41  and Omron HMI: NB7W-TW01B. Like softwer I use NB Designer 1.5 and for PLC I use CX Programmer 9.6. I want to create a connection cia ethernet cable between HMI and PLC. I connect them to a ethernet hub and to pc. After that I can upload the program on ethernet connection, but I can't create the comunnication PLC- HMI.  
  2. Can't comm Plc and hmi

    Hello, I use a Omron CP with HMI comnunicate via ethernet. I can upload my app in hmi adn plc, but HMI and plc not comunicate.