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  1. Real to 3 decimal points

    The company i'm editing their existing program for wants their measured results to be down to three decimal places because they think the 4th point is causing some good parts to be considered bad. Looking through the program, at first I thought it was a real value they are grabbing their data from, but its actually a double word. 
  2. Real to 3 decimal points

    I'm fairly new to Mitsubishi and I am trying to limit the amount of decimal places of a real value down to 3. I am using a FX3U CPU and the only thing I see in the manual is that real values are stored with approximately 7 significant figures. Is there a way to limit the amount of figures after the decimal point to 3 without converting to an int value? Also does restricting the decimal to 3 points on GT works change to PLC value at all?