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  1. iFix Electronic Signature issue

    Are u using the AD resource to identify users and passwords? Theres a file located on Local path called SECURITY.RPT. I know this file is responsable to manager the users in a application...You can try replace this file (don't delete the older) from the same file in a previous backup...
  2. iFIX autologoff

    Hi,  I'm using iFIX v5.9 and I wanna know if theres a autologoff resource on iFIX. I found on security configurations that u can set a time for each user to logoff, but I need a general logoff only if theres no action on supervisory for 5 minutes. So, Can anyone help me?
  3. iFIX Charts

    Hi, I starting to works with iFIX (v5.9) and I wanna know how to configure the charts using VBA script. I need change the high and low limits form a chart for each variables group on my process (I have 5 groups with differents limits) on the same screen. So, I didnt find the command to change this. Can Anyone helps me?