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  1. I am working on project where we integrate Omron Microscan Barcode reader to Schneider M218 PLC to read Barcode text. In Microscan we enabled TCP/IP and Port number. From scanner Data coming properly. But coming to PLC I am using Read_var function to Read Data from scanner. I am not getting Scanned text in PLC. Is there any alternative function to read TCP/IP with Port Number Data to read using PLC?
  2. Dear @panic mode Thanks for reply.  I did that. It's working good for me also. But my problem is writing single bit in a Data register.  Private Sub btnSealing_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnSealing.Click         If btnManual.BackColor = Color.Green Then             If btnSealing.BackColor = Color.Red Then                 Dim card As Integer() = ModbusC.ReadHoldingRegisters("20", "1")                 ModbusC.WriteSingleRegister("20", getintArray(card(0), 10, 1))             Else                 Dim card As Integer() = ModbusC.ReadHoldingRegisters("20", "1")                 ModbusC.WriteSingleRegister("20", getintArray(card(0), 10, 0))             End If         End If     End Sub Here the code snippet of  Button click event. There every time I am reading Data register and Adding either Bit 0 or 1 and Again Writing. But some time read fails means it writing Some Garbage value.  So seeking help to write direct Coil instead of Data Register.   Thank You..  
  3. Hello, I am using Easymodbus library to Communicate with Modicon TM218 PLC. Reading and Writing of Holding Registers working fine. But coming to writing of single bit in data register i am facing Problem. Need to know how we find coil address of a data register. e.g I have to write bit 1 to MW70.1 address. How we do that. Right now i am reading complete MW70 Register and Manipulating it using bit manipulation techniques and again Writing using Write single Register Function. It's working but some times because of reading problem it writes some garbage values. At that time complete system effecting.    Please provide me any solution. Thanks in Advance. 
  4. Having 200 Addresses. Is there any alternative to this?
  5. Designed a SCADA System using VB.NET. Everything working fine but coming to performance getting 2 to 3 seconds delay. Using FX3U32m Plc with ENET Module for Data reading and writing. I am having 200 addresses to read. Using MX Component as communication interface between PLC and SCADA. Is there any alternative or solution for this problem. Using one timer to read all data and update properties based on received data.    Thank you..
  6. MELSEC MX Component to Read Counter Value from PLC

    Thank you @limcm. Problem Solved.
  7. Hello Members. I am trying to read Counter values from FX3U PLC using AxactUtlType Library. But i am not getting those values from PLC. I am getting Memory and Analog data but not Getting Timer and Counter Data How we read that data? Thanks in advance.