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  1. Gx iec developer to GXWorks2 conversion

    Thanks alot for the advice Gambit. I'm not very experinced with plcs especially mitsubishi ones. I don't quite follow what you mean by change the variables in gx iec develper? I get about 23 errors amd even increasing the allowable compile error amount it still wont compile. So its Gx iec developer 7.04 .pro file and i used the gxworks2 Open Other Data to load itb into gxworks and this is the compile result. Any help much appreciated.
  2. Hello, I have an issue with a number of stand alone mitsubishi melsec Q series plcs that we don't have the source code for. it was written in V6.01. I've tried that plus other versions to upload to my laptop but all you get is the basic left hand side menu but its empty, nothing in Global variables or main program. Its just like your creating a new project. The backup option that creates a PCD file is also empty. The system is working fine I just want to create a back up, only way i could get anything uploaded was by using gxworks 2. I don't really want to change the software from gx iec developer to gxworks 2 but even if i did it wont compile/Rebuild All to be able to download it. Is there anyway to upload the fulll plc code with gx iec developer? If not what is causing the 24 errors and 42 warnings that prevents it from compiling and how could i clear them. Is it possible to convert the gxworks 2 file back to gx iec developer that would give you an accurate copy of the code? any help with this much appreciated

    Thanks for reply. I've never had this problem before and the back up pcd was from the working code  that was showin Analogue IO. I've just got copy of 6.01 from mitsu support, will try tomorrow. I could only see it as too big a jump from 6.01 to 7.00 with an old qooj cpu. I'll see if I can get it working with same version it was installed with.  Thanks  

    Hi, first time poster but been here many a time directed by google search. Have a mitsubishi Melesec Q series plc with a Q00JCPU that has lost its code. We use gx iec developer and i have version 6.10,7.0,7.01,,7.04 on my laptop. We have a back up PCD file for the plc but when i restore it, it shows it was installed with gx iec v 6.01. I restored it with version 7.04 and it says needs to be updated and it goes through that process. When i REBUILD ALL it has zero errors 200 warnings but lets you rebuild the code. Downloaded to plc and doesn't go back into run mode without going into the start/stop plc to give it a kick and then it willl go into run mode. Shows no errors on diagnostics and you can look through the POU logic and all the program is there and you can go into monitor mode and see inputs/outputs changing, problem is none of the analogue input or output modules are working. None are showing in fault and you look at system monitor and it displays all the modules we have in the rack. in the parameter file under IO there is nothing in the switch settings so i selected each module in there then the switch settings for intelligent(analogue) modules all showed 0000000000000000. Still no analogue input /outputs working, put a current source on some of the AI but no change to 0.00 reading on HMI and on the AO not even getting 4ma.Tried to restore with v6.10 of the software but rebuild all fails half way through no matter what limits you set for errors and warnings. comes back with 20 errors 40 warnings. i connected with gx works 2 and read from plc and in the section where you can choose what you read/wrtie from plc it has the program 7.0 as not compiled and wont let you rebuild it and it shows parameters v 6.0 spoke to mitsubishi support and of course they said it should work no problem with v7.0 after it updates it. Looks like we need v6.01 should have a copy of that in next day or 2. Any thoughts on this and advice on anything I can do to get it working?