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  1. Dear Experts, I have two M580 remotes I/Os panel and CPU panel and I want to connect all by using BMXNRP0200 Fiber Converter modules. In IO panels the backplane is BME XBP 1200, after the CPS3500 at slot "0" I have installed CRA 312 module and then all other IO modules AMI, AMO, DDI & DDO. My question is: at which slot on the backplane I need to insert BMXNRP0200 in IO panels and at which slot in the CPU panel and how I need to make ethernet and fiber connection on the module. It has two ethernet ports up and down and two fibre ports up and down. Which ethernet port (up or down) I need to use to connect with CRA and which fiber port (up or down) I can use to connect with another BMXNRP0200 Fiber Converter installed in another panel. I have attached the snap of configuration where I have CPU panel and two remote IO panels ?  Best Regards, Ahmed