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  1. How to connect to CQM1H-CPU51

    Do you have the cable .. I really need it, I am in Jeddah
  2. How to connect to CQM1H-CPU51

    I did it as you said. but unfortunately, the same message came. I can control PLC modes. but no upload or download. I don't have the original cable for peripheral port and no time to wait for it to come from outside.  I uploaded the files including the communication protocol file between PLLC and HP25 Parker servo drive and Eurotherm  DC drive. Please check if any settings to be done to make connection successful.   I have an issue with servo data for positioning   251002.psw 29100100_.cxt ptm6281004.onw
  3. How to connect to CQM1H-CPU51

    yes.  i have original program from supplier and it gives me same result when downloading also after creating new project. i think cable may be the problem. i will tray to make new one.  my concern about points no 7 -8 & 4-5  how this connection to be done. Is it connected together and shorted also or what.
  4. How to connect to CQM1H-CPU51

    thanks alot .. i did it .. but the cx-programmer 9.7 always see the CPU as c200h and not cqm1h-cpu51. original program also cannot be downloaded for same reason. my plc is attached .. 
  5. CX-One V1.1

    how could i find this version
  6. How to connect to CQM1H-CPU51

    what about port1  could i connect there with any cable