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  1. Good day,   Does anybody know if one can connect multiple micro 800 PLC's to each other via GSM?
  2. Hi Tim, Thank you for the response. I will see if I can get it figured out in my components workbench.  By the way, I have a pule generator that I test with, so I can simulate a constant flow. When the Simulated pulse is on a round number, eg: 18.00Hz, then the reading is constant. As soon as it is something like 18.52Hz for example, that is when it is jumping.  I can understand why this is, but yes, the client is not going to like to see jumping values. Looking forward to that video      
  3. Hi Tim, Okay, I managed to calculate the flow - thank you. But yes it is jumpy. So how do I log the timestamp in the EII/ or how exactly do I fix this? Thanks again for your assistance.    
  4. Hi Tim, Thank you so much for the advice. I have a Micro830 and do not have the High speed counter plug in module. Can I use a normal counter instead of a High speed counter? My flow meter is only giving me an average of about 20pulses/sec.  1 Litre of oil is pumped every 403pulses I need to display the flow rate, as well as the cumulative oil pumped.          
  5. Good day, I need to calculate the Flow rate from a pulse input. I read on one of the other forum topics that TIM Wilborne made a suggestion to do this with an EII and to time the spacing between each pulse. It make the flow rate looks a little more "real time". Can anybody assit me on how to do this? I know hoe to create an EII, but do not know how to use it.