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  1. Mitsubishi PLC does not connect to PC.

    The problem has been solved by reloading the program that worked before the failure using the sd card, the problem could arise from an internal deconfiguration of the PLC at the time that I made changes for a communication with TCP protocol.
  2. Mitsubishi PLC does not connect to PC.

    The problem is that the GX Works 3 software does not detect the PLC and sends the error "cannot communicate with the PLC". These are the steps that I am taking to relax communication and send me the same error again. Note: The IP is configured in automatic.
  3. Mitsubishi PLC does not connect to PC.

    I have already configured it manually and automatically but it still does not connect, and it does not receive data packets as shown by the images I uploaded of the ethernet status.
  4. When working with the FX5U plc and establishing a connection, the following error appeared. In the ethernet state it only sends packets but does not receive, I have already configured the default IP:, mask:, gateway: However, the same error continues to appear. the indicator LED of the PLC is on but static. I am new to programming Mitsubishi PLC and I don't know what could be the error, someone help me please.