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  1. Thank you wery mutch for your answer this is very important for me.
  2. good news im have a result read D (DM) area memory, use this request: mem_area_dm_word = fins_instance.memory_area_read(FinsPLCMemoryAreas().DATA_MEMORY_WORD,b'\x00\x03\x00') print(mem_area_dm_word) DATA_MEMORY_WORD,b'\x00\x03\x00') = D00003 but it's impossible read D > 100 D1234 for an example, how to create a request? for read D > 100 where to find the author of the library?
  3. mem_area = fins_instance.memory_area_read(fins.FinsPLCMemoryAreas().CIO_WORD,b'\x00\x64\x00') CIO reading great worked, thank you very mutch, but how to read D memory? do you have example? Thanks. Where can I find a description of the library?
  4. Thank you very mutch for your answer, i will try it, and writing result test.
  5. Thank you very mutch for your answer, i will try your suggestion.
  6. Good day, i am testing this script and have a simle relesult: but I can’t read the memory of the plc bits and words. i am use this manual for experements: https://github.com/pjkundert/cpppo/files/1088579/EIP21.omron.pdf   import sys import time from cpppo.server.enip.get_attribute import proxy_simple from cpppo.server.enip import poll from cpppo.server.enip.get_attribute import proxy_simple as device product_name, = proxy_simple ("") .read ([('@ 1/1/7', 'SSTRING')]) var1 = product_name print(product_name) if var1 == ['CJ2M-EIP21']: print('connection comp.') data2, = proxy_simple ("") .read ([('@ 196/0/100', 'INT')]) var2 = data2 if var2 == [4]: print('CPU in execution mode') if var2 == [2]: print('CPU in monitoring mode') if var2 == [1]: print('CPU in stop mode')
  7. Hi I am looking for a way to read and write data from PLC omron words, bits via FINS or EtherNet/IP protocol using python programming lang. Does anyone have any results in this? I really want to see your work, because all my attempts have failed. Thanks.