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  1. Yes, agree completely about sharing knowledge. I like the metaphor of a "tree of knowledge" - we keep it growing by sharing the bits we know and reap the harvest as it grows.
  2. screen shot of dialog that had been so elusive until now, thanks again!
  3. Hello "Empanada", THANK YOU! I am ever so grateful for your answer and implicit encouragement.  I would describe what I was experiencing was what writers call a "writers block".  Your suggestion shined a light on what seemed that I couldn't see, but that was because I was looking in the wrong place, and I dare say my preconceived notions led me astray.  But when I read your suggestions and looked again at the problem, it was the "ah-ha" moment.  It was your suggestion to look for "GotoButtonxxx", there they were, even labeled, like "GotoButtonFIC001" for that tag FIC001. Plain as day.  Of course, they are like overlay zones surrounding the valve or pump graphic shapes, so I was clicking, in the development mode, and it would select the graphic, not the GotoButton zone. I learned to click off the graphic, but still close enough to hit the GotoButton zone to select. It's due to my being a newbe to FT, and learned my way with DeltaV and Step7 TIA which do this differently.
  4. Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but my search hasn't revealed anything yet.  I have a number of PanelView graphics created with FactoryTalk View ME and some use a lot of Parameter Files, which link to popup faceplates. So a large number tags are represented with parameter files, which, when clicked on screen, then pop-up an appropriate faceplate, based on tag type or category etc.  I am still digging into the very elaborate FT View ME manual, but at 500 pages, that's quite a deep study.  But I don't see the linkage between the tag's parameter file and how it specifies which faceplate to pop up, and I've not yet found a good article other than keep digging into that FT manual. There does not appear to be a linkage entry in the parameter file itself, where I would have expected it.  Nor do I see any "hot spot" click type event code in the display itself, which would also make sense.  Is it in the PLC code itself?  I would not have expected that, since they seem to be keeping the FT environment self-contained. But there must be some sort of table or linkage somewhere that I'm over looking. Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts & guidance on this.  Other parts of FT HMI screen development does seem intuitive, just not this dynamic linking.