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  1. rebuild all

    What is the difference between a Warning and a Checkwarning?
  2. IEEE-754 Floating Point

    Hi, Is there a simple way to convert hex value of IEEE 754 to real value in gx works 3 Regards, Ramkumar  
  3. BTD instruction equivalent

    Hi, Is there an instruction equivalent to the bit field distribute in rockwell pls, for mapping bits from one register to another Thanks  
  4. Extracting digits from a string

    Right..the string is a variable. The string comes from the NB-HMI. There are no rules for the string format. It could be "174Mesh" or "Mesh174" . I want to extract the numbers and use it for further processing. In my initial request, i mentioned as "digits" instead of "numbers", by mistake. I apologize for that.
  5. Extracting digits from a string

    HI Michael, thanks for the support !  I want the numbers in a string to be extracted to another variable. e.g.1. M1e2s3h4 is the string now 1234 should be extracted to another variable. e.g.2. M123esh -> 123 e.g.3. Mes12h4 -> 124 
  6. Extracting digits from a string

    I want to extract 12345 in to  another variable. If the string is ABC123CED , we want to extract 123 from that
  7. Extracting digits from a string

    I meant extracting numbers from the string
  8. Hi, Could anyone help me out on how to extract the digits present in a string in sysmac studio... Thanks in advance !!!
  9. Hi , we have to send and receive strings to the vision pc from Omron NX plc. The communication is via 48 real value I/O array. Datalogic advises to copy the string values directly to the Real values of the tag structure. On the datalogic side, it will be selected as string. But, for me the string values are not reflected on the PC side. Kindly help me on this. We need to copy strings to real value arrays to the datalogic PC. Impact_EIP_Reference.pdf DATALOGIC_IMPACT_RSLogix_5000_EDS-AOI_v2.5_QuickStart_Guide.pptx