AutoPlay for CDs (autorun.inf)

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About This File

if you have tried to make own cd with autoplay you may have noticed that

AUTORUN.INF only works on executables (exe or bat for example) but what if

discs with data you want to share with customers for example only contains documents

like presentations spreadsheets PDFs etc.?

one can easily make BAT file with START "MY_DOCUMENT" but the downside is

that command line box shows up during loading etc.

there are numerous programs on the internet that can take care of that but

all i was able to find was not free (well it could be there i didn't look too hard).

this is why this little program is made. it is based on ShellEx API

it's simple to use simply specify inside INI file what document you want to open when disc is inserted

and edit AUTORUN.INF to be something like this:




note that AutoPlay.exe looks in AutoPlay.ini for line OPEN=

and file name should be enclosed by quotation marks

for example OPEN="My Presentation.ppt" or "New Developments.pdf"

also AUTOPLAY.INI must be in same folder as AUTOPLAY.EXE

to make your disc start properly when inserted you need:




4. end user PC that don't have autoplay feature turned off (sorry can't control everything)

and before i forget:

AutoPlay.exe does not handle your files. it simply tells Windows to open them.

in other words target pc should have installed software to handle specified file type or

the moment of glory will be...well without glory...

good luck