1769-IF4I Profile Installer RS Logix 5000

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About This File

If your like me you might be using some newer cards like a 1769-IF4I *isolated* that you won't find in the profile pick list in RS Logix 5000. Not even if you have the latest and greatest version of RS Logix 5000 like version 16 per say. So this file has a self installer so that it will add a few cards that are missing from your profile pick list.

1769-IF4I 1.1 V13.04

1769-OF4VI 1.1 V13.04

1769-OF4CI 1.1 V13.04

1769-IF8 1.1 V13.04

1769-OF8V 1.1 V13.04

1769-OF8C 1.1 V13.04

Now you won't have to follow Appendix C in

Publication 1769-UM014A-EN-P - January 2006

To add this card as a generic module. It will be in the pick list correct.