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Using Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows, Win’95 16 bits acquire/send data from or to IDEC Micro3® family PLC’s, with Parijat’s PLC custom controls in a friendly way by setting few properties only. VBX supports both 1:1 & 1: N drops. Read or write any PLC memory type including M, R, T, C, D, U etc. VBX’s are very fast and also do not require significant Windows resources as DDE drivers or servers do.


-Extremely user friendly.

-No software protection keys or disks.

-Complete context-sensitive help and built-in manual.

-Low Windows resource overhead.

-No TSR’s to worry about.

-Event-driven Object-Oriented Programming


This product works with: Visual Basic, Visual C++


We also develop custom Windows products and applications with PLC’s, MS Visual Basic, MS Access. We can also develop any ActiveX  that you may need developed for a specific purpose. We also have an GUI MMI software(Visual Process)  written in VB which provides basic SCADA monitoring, alarming, trending, reporting. With Visual Process,  any CAD drawings, manuals, vendor data sheets, instrument spec sheets, instrument calibration sheets or any other documentation associated with control systems may also be integrated with the MMI/SCADA system to help attain the ISO9000 certification!

This driver can be conviniently used with Visual Studio in development of complete large scale complex HMI/SCADA Systems. It can be used to perform advanced reporting MES, analytics, IoT, Big data type apps. One example is available to download here

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