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About This File


-Supports all Moeller PLC’s using EasyComm Protocol or any other device which uses EasyCommprotocol .

-Serail& TCP mode support

-Can Connect to all 8 Net IDs

-Performance – 2.2 GHz Dual Core - 10 words: 15msecs (avg)


Memory Types Support

-P buttons

-EasyNet inputs

-EasyNet outputs

-Analog inputs base unit

-Analog output, base unit

-MDx, 1 to 20 double word marker

-xRN1…xRN32, easyNet Receive data

-xSN1…xSN32, easyNet Send data

-ID1…ID16, Diagnostic bits

-ID17…ID32, Additional diagnostic bits for MFD-Titan

-LE1…LE3, Programmable LEDs for MFD-Titan

-N1…N16, Additional Bit marker for easy500/700

This driver can be conviniently used with Visual Studio in development of complete large scale complex HMI/SCADA Systems. It can be used to perform advanced reporting MES, analytics, IoT, Big data type apps. One example is available to download here

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