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I have a powerflex 525 that loses it's parameters every time power is cycled. Is there a battery I don't know about? What could be causing this?


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What, precisely, do you mean by "loses its parameters" ?

My guess is that you mean that parameters that you have recently adjusted or modified are set back to their default values, or to the values from before you set them.

The PowerFlex 525 does support a feature called "Auto Device Configuration" that stores the parameters in the ControlLogix program.   

Every time the drive is power cycled, the ControlLogix will check to see if the parameter set is consistent with the configuration, and download the configuration to the drive.

If your saved set of parameters is the default set, then that's what the ControlLogix will download.

The first thing to check is the "Automatic Device Configuration" tab in the vertical menu for the PowerFlex 525 in your Studio 5000 Logix Designer I/O tree.

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When the power is cycled, the parameters go back to default. The drive does not remember the changes. I sent your first reply to the Engineer. I hope he understands what it means. (He's a Siemens guy)

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