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I think its a little hard to figure out what is what, when it comes to space in a q plc.

There are steps, devices, standard ram etc. Usually i only care about steps. But in my latest project im running out of room for device registers.

Im using a Q06UDVCPU.

The specs states:

Program capacity 60K steps (which i understand).

Device capacity 424K (40K standard device+384K standard RAM) here i understand and know how to allocate the 40K standard device between D devices etc. But i dont understand the 384K standard RAM. what can they be used for? At the moment im running out of the 40K standard device for D registers, which i use for GOT tags.

So im wondering can i use the 384K standard ram for more D devices?

If not can i use some sort of memory card for extending the devices?

The devices i use for GOT tags does not need to be fast. Its basically a recipe database which takes up a lot of space.


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Yes you can use tthe standard. All you need to do is create a fileRegister file. PLC parameters PLC files TAB.
afte you have done that go to the Device TAB. Now the bottom part is configurable and you can add R,D or W registers.


Also the devices amount is just a default setting.  If you do not use W registers for instance you can set this to 0 and add this 8K to the D. 

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