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Special Relay Advice

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As part of a recent contract, my client has requested an Iconic's screen closely related to the ‘CC IE Control Diagnostics’ screen in GX Works.

The network consists of 15 PLC's, connected in a loop using CC IE Control. Each of the stations in the loop (numbers 1-15) are connected as module 1 (except station 9, which is module 2) and can send and receive data to/from the adjacent stations in the loop via Ethernet (with 15 being connected to 1 also). Each station is connected to the next station from Port 2, to Port 1 (e.g. Station 5 Port 2 will be connected to Station 6 Port 1, Station 6 Port 2 to Station 7 Port 1, and so forth).

After checking through the ‘MELSEC iQ-R CC-Link IE Controller Network User's Manual’, I have managed to pinpoint the Special Relay (SB) addresses of each of the status lamps, however I’m having issues locating the specific addresses for the health and send/receive status of the inbound and outbound connections from ports 1 and 2 on each station (the green arrow indicators on the ‘CC IE Control Diagnostics’ screen).

Could advise as to the correct addresses for these functions?

Many Thanks,


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