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  1. Hi Everyone, I am working with a CJ2H-CPU68-EIP. I have incoming data which is 20 characters long. The storage table which will hold the data is 1600 array and I am looking to find a way to keep my most recent stored in the array at the top of the table. I've tried using a LIFO but has been unsuccessful.  Could someone give me a bit of advise on how to make this possible?    Many Thanks, Chris
  2. Omron Ascii Compare

    Hi, I am trying to find a way to compare a 6 ascii character without having to break it down into an individual word?  The reason I don't want to break it down is because it is the quantity of a tank and needs to be configured together. Data will look like the following 014514, 001423 or 175495 Help would be much appreciated. Many Thanks :)
  3. Indexing Table

    When I put in DABIN I get an operation code 4100. I think this has something to with the 0 at the start of my dolly numbers (D3000). Should I compare the start of the string and drop off any 0's?   
  4. Indexing Table

    Hi, I'm wanting to create an index table consisting of 1000 "Dollies". Within my "CognexTable_Write" function block i was wanting to use i_Dolly_Number as my index but found out I couldn't have a string as an index.  Is it possible to get D3000 (which is my dolly number, as a string) into word format looking exactly the same as D3000? Many Thanks :D   
  5. Data Conversion

    Hey, Using a Q03UDV PLC. I've got my data coming over from a Cognex camera via Modbus. When it comes to putting 2 words together to make one double word and converting it to a string I just get the HEX result and not the number which I really want. Really "Cognex_DollyNumber" should be 3007 not 37303033. Would anyone have any advice on this for me? Thanks
  6. RJ71EIP91

    Hi, I know that the RJ71EIP91 module is a new module, but does anyone know anything about it? When I am using the Configuration Tool, I keep getting "Impossible to Communicate with Module" Cheers
  7. Protocol GX Works3

    Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to transfer data between a FX PLC and an iQ-R PLC using MC Protocol or SLMP?  If so, how can this be done?  An example would be very helpful. Cheers
  8. FTP File Transfer

    Hi, I am able to write a FTP file to the R PLC, but I am unable to read the file back from the PLC. The data that I will be transferring via FTP will be information coming from a server. How that makes sense. Thanks
  9. FTP File Transfer

    Hi, I'm wondering how to set up a FTP file transfer in GXWorks3 for an iQ-R PLC? Many Thanks
  10. GXWorks 2 IP to HEX

    Brilliant. Thanks very much for the help. Absolute Pro!
  11. GXWorks 2 IP to HEX

    So how am I able to take that Hex value and use it for my Remote IP Address in the Modbus TCP Client FB? I have created my own FB with the Modbus TCP Client within  
  12. GXWorks 2 IP to HEX

    I am using a Q06UDV I want to be able to enter the IP address as a word. So I've split my IP Address into 4 different parts, ie IP_Part1, IP_Part2, IP_Part3, IP_Part4. I am wanting to write that into the FB ModbusTCPClient which is in GX Works 2 Library. The input will be going to the RemoteIPAddress, which is a  Double Word Unsigned.
  13. GXWorks 2 IP to HEX

    Hi, I am looking for a way to be able to convert an IP Address into HEX. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Q03 Modbus to Nanodac

    Hi, I am only writing over 2 D reg's. D100 & D105 which is going to be less that 16 bits. I now see that the nanodac doesn't support 2 and 5 function codes. Thanks
  15. Q03 Modbus to Nanodac

    No, I'm using function code 05/06 for my write and 02/04 for read.  I am reading the same type of data, which the PLC can read. Its only my write function that is an issue. Thanks