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Hello Experts,

It is possible to do data logging to csv file from controller? I founded some manual about Cx-Supervisor software. It is necessary to do it by this soft or is another way directly from CX- programmer? I would like to do some trend of signals and compare than in excel.

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Not as I am aware without any extra software.

But what you can do if you have the memory space is to copy the signals (I presume some analog value) to D-memory and increment the address for each copy. You can then use the memory view to copy the data in to a spreadsheet. It is also possible to time stamp the data, but you will eat your memory quite fast by copying both value, time and date for each logging point. You could possible use the data table instructions to manage this. But I really haven't done anything like this before.

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You can do this with additional software.
Using VBA you can get the data into an excel spread sheet.

You can use AdvancedHMI that runs on Visual Studio. This package utilizes VB.Net. Creating a CSV file is straight forward.
Creating the CSV file:

Hope this helps you out.

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