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  1. Hello everybody! I have a strange issue with the HMI screen. Respone time is very slow. I set update tags rate to 0.05. Intresting is that the problem existing only sometimes. For example i start machine and when i see that the sreen is lagging. I reset HMI and than it start working ok. HMI is done i FactoryTalk Version 10. RAM memory usage is ok. Any idea why this is happened?
  2. NB-Designer data log

    How i can log data on trigger ? I would like to have separate CVS file for each cycle. All data i want to log to USB storage.  I found this info in manual : Can someone explain me which one sampling methods i should use?
  3. Cx- Programer Elapsed time

    thx I did this yesterday in similar way :). In sysmac studio or tia portal is much easer to do it.
  4. Cx- Programer Elapsed time

    Hello! I would like to measure cycle time but i don't have any idea how i can do it in cx-programer. All timers dosn't have feedback information about elapsed time. Can someone help me how i can handle this problem?  
  5. How to Add Rack in PLC Omron CP1h

    CP1W-MAD42 . I have one but I going to connect another one. I need more than 4 analog inputs. 8 Inputs should be enough.
  6. NB-Designer data log

    Hello Experts! I would like to have data log similar like here : I need to few signal on one trend. I can't understand how i can connect tags from PLC and HMI. From this video i see that reading is in one LW. But we have 3 channel with different values. I have some values in PLC in REAL ( analog inputs reading ). How I should build PLC program and HMI data logging to prepare this kind of trend? I found the solution :
  7. How to Add Rack in PLC Omron CP1h

    Hello Experts! I have a question. I have one module MAD42. Im going to add one more extra connected to the first one. How to set the input configuration for second module? I can't figure out exactly how to set configuration for second Analog card. For the second card i should move for example #80ED to 104 and 105? Than read the input from 6 to 10?  
  8. trend view logging and show historical logs

    I would like to use data logging for each cycle of machine and store values of pressure. Than I would like to have access for this data logging and display on HMI screen. How I can do it? Can i do this with the HMI KTP700 BASIC COLOR PN or I need COMFORT PANEL HMI? PLC will be the S7-1200. This will be a small aplication that i would prefer the BASIC HMI becouse is cheeper. Of coures after some numers of cycle the data logging can be overwriting. Please help me and explain how I can handle this option. I know that the data logging are stored in CSV files. From the webserwer we can have access for each one. How i can have access from the HMI to this CSV files? Or how i can implement this funtcion from the HMI using historical data logging and TrendViewer? In option of TrendViewer is something like a real and data log. Please advice me the best way to do it.
  9. trend view logging and show historical logs

    Simatic TP700 COMFORT Panel 7" - 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0  or HMI KTP700 BASIC COLOR PN - 6AV2123-2GB03-0AX0 with Simatic S7-1200, CPU 1212C DC/DC/DC - 6ES7212-1AE40-0XB0
  10. Hello, I would like store some value and than display on HMI like a trend. The idea is: Do the process and during this process record value of pressure and storage on the memory card. After the process is finish we stop record value. After each process I would like to creat loggs and later i would like to have chance to access for each trend from last 7 days for example. How can i do this? from PLC logging or use HMI historical data logging?
  11. Total Power On Time in auto mode

    It doesn't matter if i run my logic or your. In Symac 60s on mobile phone stoper shows : 20s. Could you explain my it happened? Fixed Looks like in simulation timer run faster than in real working with plc. When im online everything is fine
  12. Total Power On Time in auto mode

    I found out something streng. When the timer is on...timer is running 2-3 faster then time in real. This is happened when i run simulation.
  13. Total Power On Time in auto mode

    THX. I have to play a little bit with this to create some good function but seems to be works.
  14. Total Power On Time in auto mode

    Any solution ?
  15. Total Power On Time in auto mode

    I think I found the way to do it. But How to display it right in HMI. I have something like: 1d.22:21:32. I would like to display this in better way like :  1 day 22h 21 min 32 s