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Have anybody knows how to SetDevice ? I only managed to make GetDevice working here on VB script here

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Can you be more specific? I assume you are working with MX components? 

Which version are you using ?

Have you checked the sample scripts?
[User specified folder] - [Act] - [Samples] - [VBScript] - [SampleHTML]

varRet = object.SetDevice2(varDevice, varData)

VARIANT varRet Returned value (LONG type) Output
VARIANT varDevice Device name (character string type) Input
VARIANT varData Set data (SHORT type) Input

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yeah. i'm working with MX Components. and doing it with VB

i managed to make the GetDevice working. but not successful with SetDevice. Here's the code

        Dim lData(20) As Long 'Monitor device value storage
        Dim lRet As Long 'Return value

        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("Y001", lData(0))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("Y002", lData(1))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("Y003", lData(2))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("Y004", lData(3))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("Y005", lData(4))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("Y006", lData(5))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("Y007", lData(6))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("Y008", lData(7))

        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("X0", lData(13))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("X1", lData(14))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("X2", lData(15))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("X3", lData(16))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("X4", lData(17))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("X5", lData(18))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("X6", lData(19))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("X7", lData(20))

        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("D1", lData(8))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("D2", lData(9))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("D3", lData(10))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("D4", lData(11))
        lRet = AxActEasyIF1.GetDevice("D5", lData(12))

        If lRet <> 0 Then
            txtStatus.Text = "Error occurrence (Error code: " + (lRet).ToString + ")" 'Display the error code at error
        End If

        If cb1.Checked Then

            lRet = AxActEasyIF1.SetDevice("Y001", 1)
        End If


Am I missing something ? Or do I set wrongly ?

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Have you checked the sample code from MX components?

C:\MELSEC\Act\Sample\Vb.NET\Sample\AssemblyInfo.vb Assembly information file
C:\MELSEC\Act\Sample\Vb.NET\Sample\Sample.resx Resource file
C:\MELSEC\Act\Sample\Vb.NET\Sample\Sample.sln Visual Studio Solution file
C:\MELSEC\Act\Sample\Vb.NET\Sample\Sample.vb VB file
C:\MELSEC\Act\Sample\Vb.NET\Sample\Sample.vbproj VB main project file

Have you tried  SetDevice 2 as  SetDevice  is for a long type


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yeah. I have checked the files. But they have no references for SetDevice. Have tried SetDevice2 also. Still same problem

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