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I am new to panel view all together.  I have a panel view plus 1000 and I am trying to connect it to my computer.  Any tips and advice to help me get started on setting up my panel view would be greatly appreciated. 

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You will need Factory Talk View Studio for Machine Edition to configure your HMI. It comes with RSLinx Enterprise which sets up drivers to allow the HMI to communicate with PLCs.

If you don't have the software, you will need to contact your local Rockwell distributor.

If you have all of that....

If it's a brand new HMI, it should boot to the configuration screen. You can navigate through the options (I don't remember the sequence since I don't do this often) to find the Network adapters and set the IP address. After a power cycle, you should be able to connect to it with your PC as long as both are on the same (or routable) subnet.

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