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  1. Download program to Memory card

    During downloading the program, in order to transfer it should be in a program mode. Now the CPU has no battery so I'm forcing AR14000 to download the program in the EEPROM. but I'm getting a Fatal error Memory Fail. Is my procedure correct or is there another way to download the program into the EEPROM? Hardware details: 1. OMRON CPU: CQM1H-CPU51 2. OMRON MEMORY: CQM1-ME08K
  2. Program lost after power cycle

    Anyone can tell how to retain the edited(downloaded) program into the omron PLC? it's my first interact for this brand but when I try to downoad my program into the cpu it works as long as it is power on, but when we turn off the power for the whole machine and power up, the program that I downloaded previously is removed. Is there a facility like a "Copy RAM to ROM" in siemens here in omron software? how can I download the program without losing it? Thanks!!!